These fine civil war swords are faithful reproductions of those weapons carried into battle during the American Civil War. Included weapons are swords carried by the Confederate (CAS) and Union (US) armies.



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American Civil War Swords

Swords of the American Civil War. These fine civil war weapons and sabers are faithful reproductions of those carried into battle during the American Civil War.

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Shelby Confederate Sword
"Shelby" Confederate Sword #8812  

Union Sword
Union Sword #8810  
Union Officers Sword
Union Officers Sword #8811  
Infantry Officers Civil War Sword
Infantry Officers Sword #8816  
Foot Officers Sabre
Foot Officers Sabre
Civil War Troopers Sword
Civil War Troopers Sword #8820   $78
Dragoon Sabre
Dragoon Sabre #8814  
Young Troopers Civil War Sword
Young Troopers Sword #8818  

If you ever wondered what’s the difference between the civil war swords carried by the Confederate (CAS) and Union (US) armies, wonder no longer! It can become quite confusing as most weapon styles were copied and adapted from classical European sword styles. The North was fortunate in having two official weapon producing US Arsenals, one being the J. T. Ames Manufacturing Co. of Chicopee Massachusetts which had been supplying swords and sabers to the government since 1832. Many government issue Union swords were carried in the hands of the South during the early years of the war! When supplies from the North ceased, the Confederate forces began relying on local sword manufacture and imports. Southern sword smiths copied the Union sword designs, but with subtle changes. Many swords are undeniably of the same design and were used by the Confederate as well as Union armies. All our weapon reproductions replicate the fine qualities of the sabers of this period and boast carbon steel blades that you can sharpen. Most have a solid brass handle and leather or wood wire wrapped grip as the originals. Perfect for the collector, reenactor and historian of this significant time in the history of the United States of America!


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